About Us

webportalis - Our PR Network

In 2000, webportalis started pioneering developments in the digital public relations industry by creating sector specific online platforms that connect brands with the press. Working with the latest technology, these platforms have become a recognized industry resource that optimizes classic Public Relation methods with a modern approach. Brands have become reliant on these platforms and their ability to house and distribute their press material immediately. For the press, these platforms provide an integral part to accessing the latest product and industry information in a fast and effective way, 24/7.

Our platforms are for professional use only and not open to the general public. They have a neutral voice presenting information to the media on a level playing field in terms of press release and image format. This gives large and small brands equally fair exposure opportunities, dependent on the quality of their press release and product images. We are also commercial and advertising free, providing a clean, clear and visually appealing format that encourages editors to research and download material.

For the beauty industry, beautypress Germany, our leading PR platform, was launched in 2000. The USA became part of the PR Network in 2009 when beautypress.com was launched, followed by beautypress.fr for France, Belgium in Canada in 2011.

Besides beautypress, webportalis also created specific online platforms for other sectors. With livingpress.de for Food und Lifestyle (launched in 2007), medicalpress.de for Medical and Treatments (launched in 2008) and fashionpress.de for Fashion and Accessories (launched in July 2013), the webportalis network now covers 8 countries with more than 10, 000 editors.

Our portfolio with internationally more than 800 brands includes not only mass, but also niche and indie brands. We collaborate with and report on important national and international associations, exhibitions and industry organizations.

For brands and agencies, there is a tiered level of pressroom set-up and press release publication choices. Depending on the desired strategy and approach, digital activities, events and product testing amongst editors can also be added.

Editors find all relevant press releases, images, PR contacts, videos, background articles and much more all on one platform, free of charge and in an easy to download format.