• Denise Bassler

    Content Manager

Why did you re-join webportalis?

After a break of 5  years it just felt right to return to webportalis. Simply back to the roots.

What did you do before joining us?

Not much. I "grew up" at webportalis - I finished my apprenticeship here and after working at webportalis for 8 years, I decided to go abroad for good. I worked 5 years as a make-up artist in the Philippines and started my own make-up school there.

And when you don't work for webportalis?

Then I still do the make-up for brides and other clients, work for shootings and photographers and was able to make a living out of my hobby.

What were you always interested in?

Beside make-up I always loved to travel. So the emigration to the Philippines was a big life goal and I don‘t regret a single day of this experience.

What's the matter with Thai?

Beside M12 on the menu (fried druck) it mostly means that as soon as the boss sees me, it‘s quiet clear where we are going to order for lunch.

Your tips for make-up newbies?

Practice, practice, practice. Visiting workshops, watching tutorials and just start