• Frederic Fuchs


For him, no mountain is too high or too steep - with his mountain bike and his willpower, he climbs them all. He then brings the fresh breeze from the descent directly to the office with him, because he is full of ideas and drive. A cool and very dedicated boss, who not only cares about the satisfaction of our customers, but also that of his employees.

How did you join webportalis?

I have always played with the idea of joining the company as the second generation. When the call came in 2019 and help was urgently needed, I didn't hesitate for long. The next day I had quit my job in Cologne, was back home four weeks later and from then on at webportalis.

What motivates you?

Continuing the story and legacy and adding my own touch to it is pretty powerful and a huge privilege! Also, my team, who never ceases to amaze me. We have been together through thick and thin since I started and I know that I can rely on everyone. Who wouldn't be motivated in such an evironment?

What is important to you?

Besides my family and the webportalis, above all openness, honesty and not beating around the bush. In addition, everyone has to own up to their mistakes. Anyone who always talks their way out of things simply doesn't stand a chance with me. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people are taking responsibility for their actions.

What is your passion?

Technology and everything that goes with it! I've always found the digital world exciting. When my mother gave me my first PC at the age of 13, it all came together. I also like to work with my hands and thus create a balance to all the digital stuff.

And outside of work?

I like to spend time with family and friends, go hiking or into the woods. Otherwise, I can also relax well with music, even if the boundaries between leisure and work are fluid for me. That simply comes with the job.

Beer or Prosecco?

Actually, I'm more of a beer drinker, but when you work with 80% women, you also quickly get used to sparkling wine and prosecco. Besides, socializing is very important to all of us.