• Pascal Schwaab

    Senior Sales Manager

His heart beats for Munich and France. With his enchanting manner, he charms not only us, but also our customers. They appreciate his reliability, friendliness, competence and many years of experience. He is also the daddy of our office dog Ayla!

How did you join webportalis?

Through a very nice meeting with Gabriele Fuchs at a French trade fair in Paris in 2009. At that time I already knew her from various press events. As an industry editor at the time, I had been allowed to use beautypress as a database for my editorial work for various trade magazines since its launch. I was all the more honored when Gabriele Fuchs offered me the opportunity to go on this journey with her in order to further develop her pioneering idea together and bring it to the world. In 2011 beautypress.de also went online in France, Belgium and Luxembourg and that's where I came in, because as a half-Frenchman I was predestined for this position. At webportalis I found my "dream job" as Sales Manager Europe.

What's so exciting about sales?

The variety of contacts and product innovations that you get to know in the course of your daily work. There is always something new and you get to know a lot of nice people who can accompany you for many years. "Networking" and building your own network are the be-all and end-all in sales, as well as being trustworthy and credible, always keeping your commitments - it proves that you can always be counted on, even if something went wrong. There is always a solution for everything. The acquisition business is not always easy, yet you rise to this new challenge every day because success drives you. Speaking in my case, to acquire new interesting brands for the platformor, so that users have more variety in their searches. Success is something positive and by acting positively you make yourself and your environment happy. Selling is related to a lot of passion and I am convinced that you have to have it "in your blood". You can learn sales techniques and methods but only if you have the feeling for it, you can sell or sell what you are convinced of. Gabriele Fuchs translated my passion for selling with these words: "contenance - patience - tolérance" ! The order doesn't matter as long as you take these terms seriously and put them into practice in your daily sales life.

What annoys you the most?

Unmotivated people, lazy people, insincere people, people without team spirit, requested inquiries by mails which then remain unanswered and I can think of several other things which I cannot name here!

How is somebody that is half German and half French?

A person with at least two different mentalities! The somewhat stringent German behavior combined with the French charm.

How do you relax?

My dog, traveling and my model trains.

And your view of the future?

Without ignoring current situations such as pandemics and world unrest, I am looking forward to a further and interesting digital future without neglecting people. However, society must continue to pay attention to this. Technologically-successful videoconferencing has fortunately been able to maintain a kind of "live contact with people." Fairs and appointments were canceled but this method helped us all not to lose the interpersonal contact. Selling is about some kind of interpersonal relationships, digital can do a lot but in selling an interpersonal chord is inevitable. Our press portals will continue to develop, will respond more and more to the needs of users and customers, the system will be able to think more and more to facilitate the work, i.e. the research on the portal. More results through more success - the work remains exciting and interesting