• Ann-Kathrin Herrmann

    Editor Relations Manager

As a sports fan and handball pro, she doesn't give up trying to motivate the sporty among us to exercise more. With her detective-like Sherlock skills, nothing escapes her - she uncovers difficulties before they can turn into problems. In addition, she is also mom to a sugar-sweet daughter and a husky who is at least as sweet!

How did you join webportalis?

After almost 8 years in the fitness industry, I was looking for a job that would be more compatible with family. I became aware of webportalis through an HR manager. I have been part of the team since 2018.

What exactly is your job?

As an Editor Relation Manager, I maintain the relationship with our users. Regular contact as well as understanding in case of problems or suggestions during the use of our portals is part of my daily business. In addition, I am responsible for maintaining and setting up our press mailing list. Not only the direct contact with our users is important, but also the analysis and interpretation of our key figures as well as the evaluation and adaptation of our measures to reach the target group.

How do you relax?

A long walk with my daughter and our husky dog Snow or a workout to really burn off energy.

What does the word team mean to you?

We communicate a lot with each other, coordinate, regularly exchange information, work on tasks together and, if necessary, represent each other without major problems. For me personally, it is above all the "WE feeling".

Why a husky?

The husky has fascinated me all my life. They are not only beautiful, but above all impress with their character. They are friendly, gentle, close to people, fond of children and sociable. In addition, intelligent, eager to work and loyal companions. Since I am also a very active person, a "calm" dog was never an option for me.

Three things you could never live without.

Family (incl. Snow), sports and food