Multi Brand Events

Multi-Brand Events:

High Traffic, High Efficiency

Our Spotlight Day Press Events in the US, UK, Germany & France

Our beautypress Spotlight Day Press Events include multiple brands and are a time-efficient solution for companies to establish personal relationships with editors:

  • Maximize desk-side conversations with multiple editors by having them come to you
  • Utilize beautypress' established contacts, editor lists and relationships with the media
  • Take advantage of editorial teams reducing time spent away from their desks by meeting multiple brands
  • Utilize the Spotlight Day event’s reputation for time efficiency, successful PR and networking opportunities
  • Seize new business opportunities with the selected retailers that are invited to our events
  • Latest technology allows for editor face recognition.

Our Spotlight Day Press Events are a time-efficient solution in accomplishing multiple desk sides and experiencing product presentations all in one day. A variety of 12 to 15 brands are invited to present their products to the press in a unique, professional and intimate setting. Throughout the day, editors are welcome to maximize desk-side conversations with various brands featuring new, exciting and innovative products and develop new story angles. As a member of the press, you get to meet the brand owners and experts and ask whatever question you may have.

Extensive product demos take place on site and editors receive an editor review bag to continue trying the products and inform their readership know about them.

Events take place in New York and Los Angeles. In Germany, those Spotlight Days are hosted for beautypress and medicalpress. Since 2013, beautypress Germany also hosts a special press event for bloggers only. In France, the Spotlight Days take place in Paris. Upcoming Spotlight Days in Europe will be organized for Vienna and Zurich.