• Martina Schneider

    Sales Manager

Martina originally comes from the energy industry and brings exactly that to our team - lots of positive energy. With her quick grasp and her interest in always learning new things, she navigates our business while always remaining calm and composed.

How did you join webportalis?

Due to a business closure during my parental leave I became unemployed but wanted to re-enter the workforce after a 2-year break. The employment agency suggested a job that sounded very interesting and exciting, and I applied for it immediately.

Why did you switch from the energy sector to webportalis?

Due to the closure of my previous company, I thought to myself that everything in life happens for a reason, and perhaps after 9 years, it's time for me to explore new paths and take on new challenges in a different industry.

What is important to you?

A good working atmosphere with friendly and helpful colleagues, as well as the opportunity to balance work and family life, and I think I have found this opportunity with webportalis. 😊

What do you do in your free time?

Of course, my 2-year-old daughter is my top priority, so there isn't much "free time." However, when I do have some me-time, I enjoy it with a cup of coffee and a book or TV series, play tennis, or meet up with my girlfriends to chat.

What is your next holiday destination?

A farmhouse holiday on the island of Mallorca.

Butter under Nutella: Yes or no?

Definitely no. 😊