Press Releases

Successful Press Releases

and How to Write them

  • Include the City and Date
  • Keep it short and sweet (1½ - 2 pages are optimum for a new or already launched product) Be informative and objective! Stick to the facts and let editors add their creative twist. You can also have topic-specific releases where you guide editors in the direction of coverage you are seeking – seasonal, celebrity, occasions and so on.
  • Describe the products, brand and line as clearly and accurately as possible.
  • Be sure to emphasize distinct advantages, the USPs, special or unique features.
  • Make it relevant- Editors can be picky! The objective of your press release is to share product information, trends, application notes, expert statements, awards etc.


  • Make them concise, meaningful and bold. Mention the brand and product or find a creative statement that catches the eye – make it pun-derful

When launching a new product:

  • NEW: Brand, product, for / against, launching on…
  • NEW with a short, snappy summary of the main ingredients and what the product delivers
  • State a suppression note (do not release before …)

If you have an existing product:

  • Brand, product, description (for / against…)



  • Describe the problem (dry skin/acne) and how your product solves it.
  • Why the product is the best or highly recommended?


  • Individual product features or characteristics of the product line accurately described as well as ingredients and their function.
  • What does the product deliver? When describing an entire line, briefly describe special features and differences between each product.
  • Describe individual agents and ingredients through interviews or statements with dermatologists, experts, stylists or by the result of a clinical study – this really sets you apart!
  • Helpful tip: Using sub-headlines structures the text, arouses further interest and emphasizes meaningful facts - the catchier the better.


  • Specify exactly how to apply the product.
  • Precise details of brand name, product, packaging, content quantity (fl.oz/ml) and price (in USD and/or GBP depending where your product is distributed).
  • Info about where and when the product is available – list web links that go straight to the e-shop.
  • List a current PR Contact as well as any links to your press room for image download (always provide clear, free standing, white background, 300 dpi for print online images that the press can edit themselves)


  • In 3-5 sentences, concisely provide an overview of your company. (About date founded, founder, mission statement, brand story etc.)