beautypress Info Day Vienna on 07.03.2024

beautypress Info Day Vienna on 07.03.2024

W O Vienna! What an all-round successful event on 07.03.2024 with satisfied participants on the brand side as well as on the media side - that's fun for us too!

We received compliments from the 4 exhibitors for the very interesting and interested discussions with the 45 journalists and influencers we welcomed. "A very positive atmosphere, always new people to talk to throughout the event and lots of good contacts" was the conclusion, followed by "perfect organization and we'd love to come back!"

The guests also had high praise for the regularity of the events in spring and fall, the attentive support and transparency in the information about who is attending. The locations, "central and sophisticated", are also a criterion for why the press likes to come.

Here are our impressions of what was going on and what you unfortunately missed this time. But you can read the press releases and turn them into content via the link to the brand.

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