• René Schwarz

    Financial Services

With his well-stocked toolbox, René finds the right solution for every problem! His motto: What does not fit, is made to fit. With our unbeaten EXCEL professional you will also always find a large selection of sweet treats, which he (unfortunately) also shares very generously with others.

How did you join webportalis?

Via a classic newspaper advertisement.

What projects are you working on?

On the implementation and programming of Access as a management tool for content and event management.

What's important to you?

A collaborative environment with inspiring team members.

What is behind the toolbox reference?

It's all about the ideas and visions in your head that lead you to the solution.

What brings you joy?

The sum of little things in life. 

How does one become an EXCEL-pro?

In that you work with it a lot, try it out, read up, practice and have patience.