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A ground-breaking digital PR solution for the UK, USA and Canada

webportalis PR Network is an international pioneer in digital media relations and uses the latest software, guarantees high security standards and is committed to the principles of classic PR.

Based on the first press portal for the beauty sector in German-speaking countries, we continued our vision of a network of international PR databases in May 2009 by launching beautypress in the USA and Canada. In May 2017, we brought our services to the UK. Prior to this, beautypress France was launched in May 2011, covering the French-speaking countries.

Today, webportalis PR Network offers an international solution for the beauty sector, covering 9 attractive markets. Our goal is to be the benchmark for awareness, acceptance and frequency of use in the press. For agencies and companies, we are a reliable partner for public relations targeting a wide media outreach. In the press and the influencer community, we are considered a key part of research on editorial topics. Our press portals cover all relevant information and sources for respective beauty products - offering texts and images for free publication in a quick and uncomplicated manner.

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I personally think you are as competitive as Getty Images or any other editorial service available if not more, your ease of navigation, information and access to quality images, press releases and up to date PR contacts is paramount to those in the business and you are doing such an excellent job, helping us out! Thank you!

Alexandra Collard, The Beauty Magazine is amazing. If you're in Editorial it's the perfect place to get up to the minute articles, images, and information on all the latest beauty trends. Our magazine uses it every day to help compile up and coming articles for both and

Nicola Styles, Founder of Style Verify Magazine