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Our Topic of the Week inspires top bloggers and journalists with innovative ideas for their latest articles and upcoming blog posts. Topic of the Week is a researched article featuring facts, product advice and industry news. It combines appropriate brand information on our platform which can be used editorial purposes. To find out how to participate, please contact us.

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beautypress Topic of the Week Calendar 2020:

14.01.2020 Cupid's choice for Valentine's Day Looks
28.01.2020 Catwalk Trends - Spring / Summer 2020
11.02.2020 Get your best shape body for the summer
25.02.2020 Peeling, scrub and sun protection in summer
10.03.2020 Taming of the Shrew - tips for curly and frizzy hair
24.03.2020 Especially for you! - a gift guide for Mother's Day
07.04.2020 Aquatone Beach Vibes - everything in blue
21.04.2020 Check-in beauty: travel sized must-haves!
12.05.2020 From New York to LA: hairstyles for city and beach
26.05.2020 Insta-Beauty: tips for pefect photos
09.06.2020 One Man, One Style
23.06.2020 Skincare products that don't leave my nightstand