Our Press Portals

Maximum Visibility in the Media

Our press portals have become an essential tool for journalists and brands. Please find below some of the most important advantages:

A brand's individual pressroom stores both press releases and images (the standard being 6 images in low- and high-resolution) and one or various press releases that can be downloaded. For 7 images or more, brands and agencies can choose a gallery function. Editors find all relevant information like a short description, materials, ingredients, size, availability and PR contact details in one online location. All images are keyword tagged and can be easily found through the image search.

Connect with the media on a personal note! Brands decide which media they want to address by choosing from bespoke, targeted or mass media lists to reach the most relevant press. 25 different media types are at disposal and range from magazines, newspapers, TV, websites, bloggers to vloggers.


Personalized newswires inform the press and allow files in low- and high-resolution to be downloaded for immediate publishing. We ensure that only verified and accredited editors receive those newswires.

All information, press releases and images can be found on our easy to use research platform with 24/7 access. The press material is authorized by brands and companies, can be directly be downloaded and is free to use. Besides a clear menu structure, journalists use the brand overview, the search engine for text and images, the photo gallery and the page for the latest launches to find the products they need.

To add a personal note to a brand's pressroom, a short profile including the history, philosophy and/or guidelines of the company/brand can be added.

Photo stories are an efficient way to express how-to's or a storyboard series, especially in the beauty and fashion industry. The photo stories on our platform include many images, a preview image and a press release that can be downloaded.

Videos are constantly gaining importance. This is due to online media, especially bloggers and vloggers, featuring more interactive approaches with products. Compared to regular images on our platform, videos are subject to special copyright issues and can't be downloaded. However, editors can access these by contacting the PR contacts that are included in every press room. In some cases we are able to embed a video linked to another site.

All our platforms protect the data in multiple ways: Primarily, only verified and accredited editors are able to use our database. Secondly, competitor confidentiality is established through individual brands having limited access to only their pressroom and materials. Finally, a brand's image is protected through high-quality official press material in their press room. We ensure the press predominately use this online and in print.