For Editors

FAQ for Editors

What is required from editors to get accredited?

Please tell us publishing company, your media affiliation, circulation figures and whether you work permanently for your company or freelance. All other information is listed on the following form. If there are no other open question, we will immediately activate your account and our editor relations manager will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Do you also accredit bloggers?

Yes, bloggers also have access to the material on our platform. They must respect the same terms of use as editors. We track and monitor new blogs for continued use of our platforms' materials and offer support and guidance to those new to the industry. Bloggers in particular are notified not to use material for advertising purposes.

Can editors/bloggers subscribe to multiple platforms?

Yes, it is possible to subscribe to our platforms beautypress, livingpress, medicalpress and fashionpress. With one login, the editor/blogger has access to all of these 24/7. Please note that only is in English.

When using press material from your platform, do I have to indicate the source?

When a source is indicated or a photographer mentioned, then you must specifiy it in your coverage. All other material does not need to be quoted.
We appreciate you drawing attention to our platforms as you see it in any coverage you publish.

When downloading images from your platform, do I breach any copyright?

All images and press releases are authorized by brands and companies and are free to use unless it states otherwise. For example, fashion week content explicitly requires permission from the PR contact stated on the page. If in doubt, contact a member of the webportalis team or the PR representative listed on the press release.