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Every week, the Topics of the Week on medicalpress (German) inspire the press with new ideas for their up and coming articles. For the Topic of the Week, a researched article features facts, product advice and industry information, also combining appropriate brand information on our platform that editors can use for their editorial purposes. To find out how to participate, please contact us.

If you are interested in these editorial-orientated content topics, the so-called 'Topic of the Week', we ask for your contact so that we can work together on topics of your choice in the DACH region.

medicalpress Topics of the Week:

08.01.2019 Back Health Day on March 15: Strengthening Activities
22.01.2019 Hay fever - who cares?
05.02.2019 Suitcase Essentials - The Holiday Pharmacy
19.02.2019 Sunshine, Sunshine ready!
05.03.2019 Bye, bye pimples, pustules & Co.
19.03.2019 "Hooray, we're having a baby!"
02.04.2019 Relax - balance everyday stress skillfully
16.04.2019 Ice cold caught: Summer flu despite the heat
30.04.2019 Man o man - men's health
07.05.2019 Mother Nature on the trail - natural remedies
21.05.2019 The latest women's health tips
04.06.2019 Why it's important to stay
18.06.2019 Dental Care for a Hollywood Smile