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The Largest PR Network for the Cosmetic Sector launched in 2000 and is the independent press platform for the beauty industry. Today, it has become a recognized resource that optimizes traditional PR methods with a modern approach. Brands rely on and its ability to house and distribute their press material immediately.  For the press, it provides an integral part in accessing the latest product and industry information.

In 2009, we launched for the US & Canada, in 2011 for France, Belgium & Luxembourg.

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Users in the US & Canada:
Users in Germany, Austria & Switzerland:
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approx. 2,000 editors PRINT and ONLINE
approx. 2,800 editors PRINT and ONLINE
approx. 2,100 editors PRINT and ONLINE

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I personally think you are as competitive as Getty Images or any other editorial service available if not more, your ease of navigation, information and access to quality images, press releases and up to date PR contacts is paramount to those in the business and you are doing such an excellent job, helping us out! Thank you!

Alexandra Collard, The Beauty Magazine